I'm Dina


a mom & a business advisor.

I'm a business consultant to solopreneurs, independent business owners, freelancers and aspiring marketing agency owners.

I'm the Coach they come to when they want to go from overworked freelancer to a more empowered business owner. I got no fancy funnels and overly complicated marketing. No sales pitch you'll hear in my household.

I don't have any online courses nor coaching programs due to my chosen commitments this 2023. But I'm happy to do rare business consultations via Zoom or in-person at coffee x kindness in BFRV Las Pinas.

Let's see if something would click between us

Imma start with an end in mind, so let’s see...

On my epitaph, you'd read: "Here lies the coolest mom that ever lived." That's how I would want my children to describe me when I'm gone. And that's how I'm living my life.

A woman who values waking up smiling in the morning, with a cup of coffee on one hand and a book on the other; upbeat, always laughing, compassionate and kind.

I'm a digital marketing agency owner with a passion for helping local & family-owned businesses grow and make a meaningful impact in this world.

I built Samuel Digital in 2017 and it's consistently hitting an annual revenue of over $100k while keeping a happy, grounded and fulfilled life with my husband Carlo & my son, Sam.

I also advocate for Freelancing in the Philippines that soon enough, it will get the same amount of respect as doctors, engineers and lawyers in the country because it deserves to be so.

I'm currently serving as the Executive Coaching Director of The Freelance Movement and I intend to continuously help & serve this community fulfill it's vision as long as I live.

I've recently opened my first co-working coffee shop named coffee x kindness located in BFRV Las Pinas and I plan on building three more spaces by 2025.

So hiiiiii 👋 coffee date plus some good ol' conversation sound so perfect today.

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