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The go-to business coach and consultant for 6-7 figure SMEs and freelance entrepreneurs who want to unlock the highest potential of their businesses that will help them obtain financial and time freedom allowing them to live the life they want for themselves and their families.

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Our mission is to listen, empower and enlighten the audience to see the bigger world beyond their computer screen and home office through storytelling and revealing facts.

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“It’s just so easy to trust her, to put your faith in her because she’s been through that.”

Katherine Song
CEO, Kernel Digital

“It has been really a game-changer not just in my business, but to my freedom. I really learned a lot. So if you’re looking to level up your business, this is perfect for you.”

Martin Tabanag
Founder, Tabanag Media

“I’ve grown as a person. I’ve learned a lot lalo na don sa pag manage ng schedule ko more effectively. Yung processes that should always be in place on how I can run my business.”

Nica Soriano
Owner, Fondly Creatives

3x Cashflow.
10x Scalability.

Dina Samuel

Business Coach

mom & wife. storyteller. best boss ever of Samuel Digital. coffee human hundred percent. joyrides and deep talks. future-focused. no bs. genuine care. accountability is queen. LFG.

Jozelle Tech

Marketing & Communication

inspirepreneur. chief empowering officer of the rolling media. personal branding expert. empathetic yet real talker. purpose-driven. badass racer. mind wanderer. nacho eating champion.
Nicaelle Reyes

Operations & Support

cat mom. oc to the highest level. BTS die hard. project purposeful. unica ija. business systems. oc to the max. 40 lbs snatch. project management for breakfast. business SOPs for lunch.

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What's In It for You & your Business

You are the star of this business coaching & consultation. Therefor, we will be spending a full 90-minute audit, discovery, brainstorming until we reach the part where both of us will commit on specific action plans. This is where and when you WIN – with a detailed plan of actions, you move that phase in your business to where it’s heading — GROWTH.

Yes, we will be spending 90-minute business consultation but what happens after that? We won’t allow you to leave the session empty handed. You will be given either a hard or soft copy of everything we’ve discussed and our clear plan of actions we call The Accountability Document.

On top of the accountability document, we will provide you Business Consultation Recording for you to download. The file will be available for 30 days for you to keep and download your own copy. We reserve the right for this recording to be kept confidential at all cost.

This doesn’t end with our 90-min session, plan of actions and recording. Truth be told, we are heavily invested on our client’s progress and growth. Thus, we will have a 30-min post consultation session, a follow-up call either via phone call or zoom. This is when we check whether our Accountability Document has any progress, or if there are other opportunities and support that we can further do.