Are you a newbie freelancer looking to learn the basics of freelancing to make it a stable source of income? Or maybe you’re a more seasoned freelancer looking to scale and get to the next level of chasing bigger wins and premium clients on retainer?

Let’s be real, there are so many fake gurus and know-it-alls out there who can’t walk the talk. In contrast, my brand of coaching is rooted in real results from real life experiences.

I have very clear footprints. I come with an open book of experiences and a sincere invitation for you to learn all you can so you can unlock the same wins I did!

I’m focused on you getting results through coaching that is straightforward yet sympathetic, motivational without being melodramatic, and one that’s always on the lookout for ways to unlock your best self. No BS, no spoonfeeding. Just pure grit and perseverance. If you’re ready to commit to your own growth and be relentless in hustling to crush your goals, I am more than ready to commit to coaching you and I will be as relentless in helping you achieve results for yourself and your family!

I have always been a follower of Dina even before she’s known as the superwoman that she is now. What made me glued to this great woman/mom is her beautiful story. She never hid her weaknesses. She made this huge community of freelancers a part of her ups and downs, her turns and pitstops as if we are her true family. ❤️

While most people build walls, this lady smashes it for you. And that made it easier for me to connect with her. I can still remember the first time I talked to her over the phone. It was as if we were never strangers, as if we were just two old friends talking about anything under the sun. And I can say that that was the best 1 hour and a half call of my life.

What made that call remarkable is the connection that she was able to create in a short span of time. She listened, sympathized and absorbed every word I said then turned the call into a frenzy of learnings, inspiration, clarity and mindset shift. I remembered my face lighting up and my jaw dropping then finally saying “Wow! Thank you Dina. I needed that”!

And now, whenever I do something for my business, I align it with the simple and yet effective step by step process that Dina has selflessly shared with me. And it works, ALL THE TIME!

Dina has not only helped my business, but also the businesses that I helped to grow. Thank you, Dina! Words are never enough to express my gratitude. With that, see you at the top!

Alvin Ceasar Entrada

A candle loses none of its light by lighting other candles. I had my very first 1-on-1 encounter with Coach Dina Samuel today. In that short period, she has a remarkable way of making a connection in the most authentic way possible. She listened. She made me feel she is interested in me, in what I had to say. And that made it easier for me to connect with her. It was as if we were just old friends talking.

Coach Dina breaks down my challenges and provided me with a concrete plan of action to implement. She truly cares about helping me succeed in my freelancing journey.

Thank you, Coach Dina, for sharing one of the best gifts you can give, your time. 

Amy Carreon