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Mentorship. Accountability. Support Group. Exclusivity.

To provide emphatic yet straightforward and results-oriented coaching to digital agency owners that will help them unlock better lives for themselves and their families.

Pro Group

Be part of the Exclusive Do More Give More Pro Group where you get to be supported with people who are in the same journey as yours and those who have succeeded and willing to share their own treasure trove of actual experiences and eventual success in freelancing.

Coaching Calls

Easy, easy! It's time to revolutionize the usual boring coaching calls and turn it into one of our "happiest" Zoom calls where we laugh out loud and end the each call with realistic and actionable plans, okay?
Book 1 Onboarding Call with me plus 2 Checkpoint calls within 6 months inside the Pro Group.

Group Masterminds

How about we do this with the happiest, strongest support group you'll ever have? We'll be doing group masterminds every month for six months where we brainstorm about marketing, sales, service delivery, operations, team, etc.

Coach Access

What's better than having an access to Coach Dina?
Well, it's having my guidance, feedback, co-working sessions & consultations via Discord.

You know how newbie freelancers need guidance on how to start and make their freelancing careers stable so they can make things better for their families?

And you know how seasoned freelancers who have already achieved stability in their career have trouble unlocking that next step to scale their business further and chase bigger dreams?

I have unlocked all these and more in my own freelancing journey so I use my learnings and genuine experiences to help them by providing freelance coaching that is straightforward, honest, and results-oriented so we can develop a personal relationship that’s nurturing and pushes them towards growth without spoonfeeding.

And seriously, you need a happy coach.

See ya at the party inside,